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October 3, 2015

First time at the circus: Cirque du Soleil.
2015JulyA 1639

Thalia was worried about the acrobats: “That is not safe! She is going to die!”

Ellis alternated among staring in wonderment, safety concerns, and questioning performers’ motivation: “Why is he doing that?”
2015JulyA 1643

Hoop Magnate

October 2, 2015

On the playground, Ellis likes to acquire as many hula hoops as possible. He doesn’t actually hula hoop with any of them, instead preferring either to build a house or to give one to each of several children and create a conga line train.
2015JulyA 1192


October 1, 2015

A pair of menacing pirates.
2015JulyA 1351

Very menacing.
2015JulyA 1349

2015JulyA 1415


September 30, 2015

Sometimes Ellis shows extremely high energy, but he often balances those spells with focus and calm. At his friend’s birthday party at a trampoline center, Ellis preferred not-so-active activities.

Playing house.
2015JulyA 1151

2015JulyA 980

Squeezing into a tiny big rig (tiny rig?).
2015JulyA 992

Riding a dinosaur statue.
2015JulyA 1180

Ok, maybe there was a little jumping.
2015JulyA 996

2015JulyA 1050

2015JulyA 1087

Paper Straws

September 29, 2015

First encounters with old-fashioned paper straws.
2015JulyA 1267

2015JulyA 1272

Swimming Lessons

September 28, 2015

After attending a birthday pool party, we realized that Ellis and Thalia were long overdue for swimming lessons. Thalia was eager to start, but Ellis declared that he wouldn’t swim until summer. When summer solstice arrived, Ellis declared that he still wouldn’t swim since it involved short sleeves, short trunks, and no shoes. So, Thalia had her lessons alone while Ellis watched.
2015JulyA 970

Thalia’s swimming teacher is one of the teachers from school. Since starting to swim requires a lot of trust, Thalia really seemed to benefit from having someone so familiar. As a bonus, the lessons are in French. Unfortunately, we only managed a couple of lessons before the teacher went to France for the summer, but we will resume later.

5 Years 8 Months

September 27, 2015

In June Thalia started swimming lessons, and they started weekly OT (Ellis) and speech (Thalia) lessons.

Ellis and Thalia finished French immersion kindergarten.
2015JulyA 629



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